What you should know


Why choose Dustless Floor Removal Services?

No mess guarantee – Virtually no dust. 

Tile, wood, vinyl, and adhesive removed. 

Fast - Usually one day.

Healthier and Safer – Reduces allergens and avoids silicosis.

New floor ready and flatter.

Do what we say - Trustworthy.

On time and reliable - We care.

Affordable - No hidden costs.


Worried about the mess?

Flooring removal can create many pounds of dust.We provide virtually dust-free tile and adhesive removal.

Our system will capture 99.8% of all dust. 

We will leave your home as clean as we found it. 

How long does it take?

Traditional tile and adhesive removal takes many days. 

With our method, flooring and adhesive is usually removed in one day.

Minimizes stress and clean up time. 

Is there a health concern when removing tile?


The concrete dust contains silica, a dangerous carcinogen.

Silica dust can cause Silicosis of the lungs and irritation.

Our system captures this dust without the worry over safety and health. 

Is dustless tile removal expensive?

It is competitive with traditional methods – more value.

No added costs for cleaning services. 

Reduces the total days on your project - can save money.

Concrete slabs are flatter.Easier installation and less preparation cost.